Airedale Shepherd, Airedale Terrier and German Shepherd Mix : Appearance, Temperament, Behavior, Qualities, Training, Exercise, Health Issues, Picture, Height and Weight :
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Airedale Shepherd

Overview of Airedale Shepherd

Airedale Shepherd dog breed is Hybrid dog cross between Airedale Terrier and German Shepherd. Airedale Shepherd is Large in size. Fur of Airedale Shepherd is long and rough which is inherited from German Shepherd . Basic origin of Airedale Shepherd is none because hybrid dogs have no specific origin. Airedale Shepherd is Good With Children and Good With Other Animals and Easiest to train is commonly Watchful, Alert, Curious, Obedient. Airedale Shepherd inherits most of its habits and qualities from German Shepherd his influencing parent breed.
Airedale Shepherd is available in black and tan colors.

Height and weight of Airedale Shepherd

Adult Male of Airedale Shepherd is about 30 – 40 kg and adult female of Airedale Shepherd is about 22 – 32 kg in Weight.
Height of Airedale Shepherd is commonly 60–65 cm (24–26 in).

Common Health Issues of Airedale Shepherd

Airedale Shepherd is a healthier breed like other hybrid breeds. However Airedale Shepherd has tendency to suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia,.  

Appearance of Airedale Shepherd

Airedale Shepherd has its most of shape like German Shepherd but is muzzle and ears are inherited from Airedale Terrier

Working Class of Airedale Shepherd

Basically Airedale Shepherd is Watch dog but is also used as Companion and Guard dog.

Training of Airedale Shepherd

Airedale Shepherd require training in early age like other hybrid dogs. Airedale Shepherd is easy to train.  It learns basic commands such as sit, stay, come easily. Behavior training is also very important for your Airedale Shepherd.  Behavior training prevents and or corrects bad habits of your puppy or dog. Behavior and basic commands training for your Airedale Shepherd should must on these lines. Do not get impatient. You will probably have to repeat the command many times. Never use negative reinforcement. Do not call your dog to come to you for punishment because this will teach your dog not to come on command. Be sure to keep any frustration out of the tone of your voice. If you feel yourself becoming frustrated, take a break. Your dog can sense this and will start to associate training with your unhappiness. You cannot hide your frustration from a dog. You cannot pretend. Dogs can feel human emotion, so stay relaxed, firm and confident.

Exercise and Fitness of Airedale Shepherd

Daily exercise for your Airedale Shepherd is important, dogs are living with human since thousands of years, wild dogs have challenges to survive so they work daily to find food, save food and themselves from other animals but companion dogs have nothing to do, they have ready food and couch to sit, which may affect their health, habits and activity.
Your Airedale Shepherd is recommended Running,Walking regular according to its breed specific exercise requirements.

Behavior of Airedale Shepherd with children and other pets

Good with children of all ages and pets.

Special instructions related to your Airedale Shepherd

If you find variation in above facts contact us with your information, we will pleased to share them with our valued visitors.

User's Airedale Shepherd

Layla (Airedale Shepherd) by Sharon Hurst:
She is just a little over a year and has been raise around our 10 year hairless chihuahua. Today the Airedale/ shepherd brutally and fatally attacked the little dog then growled at me. I don't think she will be staying any longer here.

Leeloo (Airedale Shepherd) by Mildred Sandoval:
I adopted Leeloo at ten weeks old. I just received the results of a DNA test. She is Airedale terrier and German Shepard . She looks like a German Shepard. Her hair is not curly or rough. At four months she will sit, lay down, come, shake hands, play fetch ,and much more. I find she is a fast learner. I must be careful what I teach her. As a small puppy I would hold her on the couch now she is over 30 pounds and wants to be on the couch. She has a high prey drive. She wants to chase cats. She is very talkie. She will go out of her way to interact with me. Loves to play. I walk her at least once a day at least one hour a day. Some times I walk her for one and a half hours. She is very friendly with other dogs and people.

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