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Akita Chow

Overview of Akita Chow

Akita Chow dog breed is Hybrid dog cross between Akita and Chow Chow. Akita Chow is Large in size. Fur of Akita Chow is long and straight . Basic origin of Akita Chow is none because hybrid dogs have no specific origin.. Akita Chow is Good With Children and Good With Other Animals and Easiest to train and Smartest Dogs is commonly Loyal, Quiet, Independent. Akita Chows tend to be possessive of their owners and indifferent to strangers. They also require frequent grooming due to their thick coat. Akita Chows can be very self-willed and obstinate, and they require an owner willing to develop a strong relationship with them through training and socialization.
Akita Chow is available in Brown, Red, Black, Fawn, Silver, White colors.

Height and weight of Akita Chow

Adult Male of Akita Chow is about 45 – 66 Kg and adult female of Akita Chow is about 40 – 60 Kg in Weight.
Height of Akita Chow is commonly 58 – 64 cm.

Common Health Issues of Akita Chow

Akita Chow is a healthier breed like other hybrid breeds. However Akita Chow has tendency to suffer from Sebaceous Adenitis and Pemphigus Foliaceus.  

Appearance of Akita Chow

Akita Chow means half Akita and Half Chow Chow. Akita Chow inherit its muzzle and taller height from Akita and its fur coat and build from Chow Chow.

Working Class of Akita Chow

Basically Akita Chow is Watch dog but is also used as Companion and Herding and Guard dog.

Training of Akita Chow

Akita Chow require training in early age like other hybrid dogs. Akita Chow is easy to train.  It learns basic commands such as sit, stay, come easily. Behavior training is also very important for your Akita Chow.  Behavior training prevents and or corrects bad habits of your puppy or dog. Behavior and basic commands training for your Akita Chow should must on these lines. Do not get impatient. You will probably have to repeat the command many times. Never use negative reinforcement. Do not call your dog to come to you for punishment because this will teach your dog not to come on command. Be sure to keep any frustration out of the tone of your voice. If you feel yourself becoming frustrated, take a break. Your dog can sense this and will start to associate training with your unhappiness. You cannot hide your frustration from a dog. You cannot pretend. Dogs can feel human emotion, so stay relaxed, firm and confident.

Exercise and Fitness of Akita Chow

Daily exercise for your Akita Chow is important, dogs are living with human since thousands of years, wild dogs have challenges to survive so they work daily to find food, save food and themselves from other animals but companion dogs have nothing to do, they have ready food and couch to sit, which may affect their health, habits and activity.
Your Akita Chow is recommended Fetching,Tuging,Running,Swimming regular according to its breed specific exercise requirements.

Behavior of Akita Chow with children and other pets

Akita Chow is combination of two breed, one from Japan and other from China. Early socialization training is must to do good with both children and pets.

Special instructions related to your Akita Chow

Some verities of Akita Chow are not good for apartment life.

User's Akita Chow

(Akita Chow) by :
Brutus is a very intelligent little man.he is not and I repear NOT your typical dog. As a puppy only toure up 1 shoe, and never potted in the house. He really understand what you are saying. With no schooling except him teaching me. Took Brutus in to get him certified as a service dog. He passed with flying colors the first time. He now is my best friend and service dog. I had surgery on my head about 20 years ago. And has migraine headaches before and after with other problems Brutus letts me know when I'm going to have a problem before it happens. He is my life saver. Don't get me wrong we did have our challenges in the beginning on who was alph. At least 3 times a month tell hes was about 2 1/2 ,3 years old. Now he lessons to No one but me. Only very little to my husband and still refuses to give him kisses. Only females get kisses.and yes he is your topical male he likes big bteasted women.lol. but I'm not.he does a prfect BEAR IMPRESSION. And can sit in the pose along time and catch treats off his nose while. Doing the bear. All in all he is pretty AWESOME. Only one thing he doesn't have is a GIRLFRIEND. Would love to find one for him as a puppy to raise snd let him teach her so that I cn have a puppy from him.now my requirements are like any moms very high. She can be a blonde but NOT DUMD , red headed if .fine to SHE HAS TO HAVE AN INTELLIGENT BRAIN. Perfer same lenght in hair and soft not cosre. He gets alot of comments on how soft his hair is. Has to be good with KIDS a must.Good with other animals a must. And the attitude she's the best and knows she is. Laid back. I know I'm asking alot but Brutus is the greatest and he deserves the BEST. If were to meet Brutus you would under stand why I'm looking for the best for him. So if have a little lady that fits this position please lets talk.if your lady if full grown ok we can still talk I still would want the pick of the litter. (I want a grandchild). :) Brutus gets lots of complaints about what a good looking dog he is by all. The joke is I'd like to start up a breed called the TEXAS BOO DOG. His nickname is Boo Boo.So for those who want an awsome friend like just remember with this breed youHAVE to be PATIENT , STRONG minded ALPH but at the same time gently , calm , respective, PATIENT, and Loving. For you make this breed very mean untrustworthy if raisd the wrong way. Gental but frim loving snd I mean Loving hands and. Expose them to every thing I mean everything and youll have the Greast dog in the World. BRUTUS'S MOM and his mumber one fan .

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