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Overview of Akita

Akita dog breed is Pure breed Large in size. Fur of Akita is in triple layer the inner layer, a middle layer and guard hairs. . Basic origin of Akita is Japan. Akita is Good With Children and Easiest to train, Akita is commonly alert, docile, friendly, responsive, courageous, dignified. Akita can be reserved with strangers. It is elegant in its actions; it is natural for an Akita to clean its face after eating. Akita is known to be intolerant of other dogs of the same gender.
Akita is available in Red, gray, black and white Colors.

Height and weight of Akita

Adult Male of Akita is about 100–130 lb (45–59 kg) and adult female of Akita is about 70–100 lb (32–45 kg) in Weight.
Height of Akita is commonly 26–28 inches (66–71 cm).

Common Health Issues of Akita

Akita has tendency to suffer from Sebaceous Adenitis, Pemphigus Foliaceus and Uveodermatologic Syndrome  

Appearance of Akita

The appearance of the Akita reflects cold weather adaptations essential to their original function. The Akita is a large breed for its height with heavy bones. Characteristic physical qualities of the breed include a large, bear-like head with erect, triangular ears set at a slight angle following the arch of the neck. Additionally, the eyes of the Akita are small, dark, deeply set and triangular in shape.

Working Class of Akita

Basically Akita is Guard dog but is also used as Watch and Companion dog.

Training of Akita

Akita is easy to train.  It learns basic commands such as sit, stay, come easily. Behavior training is also very important for your Akita.  Behavior training prevents and or corrects bad habits of your puppy or dog. Behavior and basic commands training for your Akita should must on these lines. Do not get impatient. You will probably have to repeat the command many times. Never use negative reinforcement. Do not call your dog to come to you for punishment because this will teach your dog not to come on command. Be sure to keep any frustration out of the tone of your voice. If you feel yourself becoming frustrated, take a break. Your dog can sense this and will start to associate training with your unhappiness. You cannot hide your frustration from a dog. You cannot pretend. Dogs can feel human emotion, so stay relaxed, firm and confident.

Exercise and Fitness of Akita

Daily exercise for your Akita is important, dogs are living with human since thousands of years, wild dogs have challenges to survive so they work daily to find food, save food and themselves from other animals but companion dogs have nothing to do, they have ready food and couch to sit, which may affect their health, habits and activity.
Your Akita is recommended Walking,Swimming regular according to its breed specific exercise requirements.

Behavior of Akita with children and other pets

Akitas can be so aggressive with other dogs of the same sex that two males or two females should never be left alone together.

Special instructions related to your Akita

Keep your Akita securely fenced. Some members of this breed are aggressive toward other dogs, and predatory toward cats, livestock, horse, and wildlife such as deer. These Akitas can be a menace if they get loose. When you own an Akita, you must make sure that he is safely confined behind an ultra-secure fence.

User's Akita

Sexy Sarah lee Hachimomma girl Smart (Akita) by Joanne Smart:
My Sarah, 15 n a half yrs. 75 lbs. She looks like an Akita. She is 3/4 akita n something else. She just looks alittle small. She has all the Akita markings n temperment. Hard core loyal 2 me, super smart n able 2 read me or any situation. I am very lucky 2 have found her at the neibors house 15 yrs ago. She is one of the special ones. U no wat i mean..... thanks J

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