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French Bulldog

Overview of French Bulldog

French Bulldog dog breed is Pure breed Small in size. Fur of French Bulldog is fine, brilliant, short and smooth . Basic origin of French Bulldog is Paris, France. French Bulldog is Good With Children and Good With Other Animals, French Bulldog is commonly Lively, Playful, Athletic, Alert, Easygoing, Bright, Keen, Patient, Affectionate, Sociable. The French Bulldog, like many other companion dog breeds, requires close contact with humans. They have fairly minimal exercise needs, but do require at least daily walks. A flat-faced breed, French Bulldogs cannot live outdoors. Their bulk and their compromised breathing system makes it impossible for them to regulate their temperature efficiently. In addition, they are top heavy and therefore have difficulty in swimming. Precautions must be taken when exercising during hot or humid weather, as they are prone to heat stroke. It is also recommended that French Bulldogs who live indoors have access to air conditioning to regulate their temperature.
French Bulldog is available in various shades of brindle, fawn, tan or white with brindle patches colors. Colors.

Height and weight of French Bulldog

Adult Male of French Bulldog is about 20 to 28 pounds and adult female of French Bulldog is about 16 to 24 pounds. in Weight.
Height of French Bulldog is commonly 11-12 Inches.

Common Health Issues of French Bulldog

French Bulldog has tendency to suffer from heat stroke  

Appearance of French Bulldog

The French Bulldog should have the appearance of an active, muscular dog, of heavy bone, smooth coat, compactly built, and of medium or small structure. The points should be well distributed and bear good relation one to the other, no feature being in such prominence from either excess or lack of quality that the animal appears deformed or poorly proportioned. In comparison to specimens of different gender, due allowance should be made in favor of the female dogs, which do not bear the characteristics of the breed to the same marked degree as do the male dogs.

Working Class of French Bulldog

Basically French Bulldog is Companion dog but is also used as Watch dog.

Training of French Bulldog

French Bulldog is not easy to train.  It learns basic commands such as sit, stay, come easily. Behavior training is also very important for your French Bulldog.  Behavior training prevents and or corrects bad habits of your puppy or dog. Behavior and basic commands training for your French Bulldog should must on these lines. Do not get impatient. You will probably have to repeat the command many times. Never use negative reinforcement. Do not call your dog to come to you for punishment because this will teach your dog not to come on command. Be sure to keep any frustration out of the tone of your voice. If you feel yourself becoming frustrated, take a break. Your dog can sense this and will start to associate training with your unhappiness. You cannot hide your frustration from a dog. You cannot pretend. Dogs can feel human emotion, so stay relaxed, firm and confident.

Exercise and Fitness of French Bulldog

Daily exercise for your French Bulldog is important, dogs are living with human since thousands of years, wild dogs have challenges to survive so they work daily to find food, save food and themselves from other animals but companion dogs have nothing to do, they have ready food and couch to sit, which may affect their health, habits and activity.
Your French Bulldog is recommended Fetching,Tuging,Walking regular according to its breed specific exercise requirements.

Behavior of French Bulldog with children and other pets

Good with children of all ages and other pets.

Special instructions related to your French Bulldog

French Bulldogs can be a challenge to train due to their willful and stubborn nature. They require patience, repetition and early socialization.

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