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Large Dog Breeds

Large Dogs are larger than medum dogs but smaller than Giant Dogs. Large Dog Breeds often have health-related disadvantages when compared to smaller dogs and caring for them is usually more expensive than for smaller dogs. They eat more than smaller breeds and sometimes require specialty diets to tackle weight and joint management.
Many Larg Dogs are mature, soft and relaxed dogs as adults and require less exercise than most smaller dogs, so they may make better pets for small living arrangements, such as apartments. Because they are larger animals, they are less intimidated by other people and thus are much more adaptable to meeting friends, family members, and children of owners. They are normally very calm and are great family dogs. They are also, by definition, stronger and bigger than other breeds. If they sense a threat towards their owner, they will become very protective. Many of the Large breeds are known for their protection and life-saving abilities.

Here is list of Large Dogs to select a multitalent and multipurpose dog, Dog Breed Selector


Afghan Collie

Afghan Hound

Afghan Retriever

Afghan Sheepdog

Airedale Shepherd


Akita Chow

Akita Shepherd


Alano Espanol

Alaskan Shepherd


American Bandogge

American Bull Dane

American Bulldog

American Foxhound

American Mastiff

American Neo Bull

American Pit Corso

Anatolian Pyrenees

Anatolian Shepherd


Australian Retriever

Ba Shar

Bagle Hound


Basset Shepherd



Bulgarian Shepherd

Cane Corso

Dogue De Bordeaux

English Pointer

Flat Coated Retriever


German Shepherd

Golden Retriever

Great Pyrenees


Labrador Retriever

Neopolitan Mastiff

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Terrier


Shar Pei